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MSMS Here We Come!

on June 5, 2017

Dear Families:

There is a change in the air – a noticeable excitement and nervous energy throughout our classroom. Your children are excited for the summer to begin, yet they cling to the last remnants of what is familiar and comfortable. They complain nonstop about any demands I make on them (ha, ha!), but they are enjoying each and every remaining minute of life at Fox Hill School.

A group of sixth graders came back to visit Fox Hill last week. I saw them in the lobby at the end of the day when I was on bus duty. As I walked into our pod with them, one said to the others, “These hallways are so narrow!”  When your children walk out our classroom door and then the front doors to the school, they will wonder how they ever survived in such a small environment! This is so totally age appropriate and always endearing.

At the end of May, we visited Marshall Simonds Middle School. Students were able to walk down their hallway where they will take classes next year. They were even treated to selections from the middle school musical program, Vaudeville.

When we returned to Fox Hill, we spent some time discussing questions and concerns about next year. I let students know then that there will be required summer reading for all sixth graders. I will send home a packet of information about this reading on the last day of school.

This week, your children will enjoy their final Fox Hill Field Day. They can also look forward to Independence Day this week where they will present their social studies projects.

These final three weeks will be filled with more enjoyment, reminiscing, and it will all be capped off on Thursday, June 15, at Fifth Grade Reception. That marks students’ official rite of passage from elementary school to middle school.

Thank you for your support throughout the year. It has been a great year. Please enjoy this last blog post about what we have accomplished in May and what lies ahead these last three weeks of school.

– Mrs. Jaffe

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