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Language Arts

My reading class finished an assessment of the fifth grade core book, Hatchet. For the assessment, students wrote a letter in the voice of the main character, Brian Robeson, to his former English teacher thanking him for his invaluable advice. Without this advice, Brian would have had a hard time surviving in the wilderness for nearly two months. This three-paragraph essay enabled students to demonstrate their understanding of major events from the book and to reflect on the main character’s transformation.

We will end the year with some small guided reading groups.

We are working on one final writing assignment, a persuasive piece in the form of a public service announcement. Rather than simply writing their PSA, students are using their iPads to make an iMovie of their message. After doing some initial research on their topic and developing their ideas with the help of a graphic organizer, students are filming their message. We will share all the PSAs in class. Students are choosing a topic related to health, safety, or the environment.

Note to families: Students will receive information about the middle school’s required summer reading program. In my homeroom, students will be given a packet of information including the choices of books and a note-taking form to help them keep track of what they are reading. When students begin sixth grade, they may use their notes to help them take a quiz on the book they complete.


For information about what is happening in other English language arts classes, check out individual fifth grade teacher blogs. You can access them from the bottom of this page.

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  1. Leah says:

    thank you for the award you gave me i am very grateful.
    i have a question to ask you. can i take care of the gerbils one day at recess or somthing like that?

  2. jamiejaffe says:

    Good Morning Leah:
    First, about the Wall of Fame certificate … You earned it!
    Second, of course you can take care of the gerbils. You are part of my class.
    See you later,
    Mrs. Jaffe

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