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Language Arts

The focus of our guided reading instruction has been on identifying text features of nonfiction text (such as photographs, captions, charts, diagrams, and “callouts”) and making explicit how they add to our understanding. We also focused on important details in nonfiction text. Guided reading groups have read and discussed short text about the ancient Maya and Aztec. This coincided with what students were learning in social studies. Students also completed a written response about a chapter in the book they read.

Now reading groups are focusing on distinguishing between details and main ideas in nonfiction text. We are using a graphic organizer referred to as “two-column notes.” This template help students to record important details about what they are reading and glean from their notes the main idea of what their text. 

In addition to the written response in reading, students will start a personal narrative in writing. They will begin with brainstorming about a meaningful life experience and compose a narrative from those reflections. I will model how to develop an idea using a memorable event from my own life.

For information about work that is being done in other fifth grade English language arts classes, check individual teacher blogs. You can access them from my blog home page.

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