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Early in the school year, students will be encouraged to practice their multiplication and division facts. This regular practice will make it easier for your child to tackle more complicated math concepts which can’t be accomplished if simple computations take too long.

Our math program is called enVision Mathematics. It is both an inquiry-based program stressing processing and critical thinking skills and a comprehensive, skill-based workbook that reinforces all math concepts. Our first Envision unit focuses on number sense and computation. This will represent a review for most students, but serves as an important foundation for higher-level computation and problem solving.

As you may have already experienced in younger grades, this approach to developing problem-solving skills bears little resemblance to how you or I learned math! Rest assured, while I will nurture your child’s “creativity” in math, my goal this year is to encourage math strategies that are efficient and effective.

Each daily lesson is divided into several parts. First, a new skill or concept is introduced by posing a question and asking students to solve a problem, usually with a partner. Next, a short video is shown to model the skill. Then, several problems are completed to guide students through the new concept. Finally, students are asked to work independently to solve a number of problems on their own. Some of these independently completed problems represent “rote” practice; others involve more complex problem solving. While most students work on their own, I am able to provide individualized support for students who need additional input. Students who complete all assigned problems before the end of class may work with a partner to practice the day’s skill by playing one of several games. You and your child can expect math homework every night.

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