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Dear Fifth Grade Families,

Throughout the year, your child will have occasion to access online resources that either accompany or supplement in-class instruction. In some instances, like math, your child can view an electronic version of the textbook or print out math homework. In other cases, such as vocabulary or grammar, textbook lessons offer online games and activities that reinforce what your child is learning in school or help prepare him/her for tests and quizzes. In still other cases, such as science or social studies, a unique online resource of flashcard-based study tools helps your child learn new content-based vocabulary. While this is a wonderful array of resources, each one requires its own log in!

This page is a compilation of all the online resources we use to date, and it includes directions for how to log onto the web sites students will use and create passwords for each resource. Your child has already been provided with a username and password for two online math resources which are included with this handout.

We encourage you to keep this information in a safe place at home so you and your child know how to access this valuable array of resources. Please let us know how we can support you in encouraging your child to use these resources.

The Fifth Grade Team,

Mrs. Lee

Mr. Norman

Mrs. Jaffe



enVisionmath2.0 Textbook/Workbook

An electronic version of our math text/workbook can be accessed from the web site Once on the site:

  1. Your child can log in with the username “bps” followed by his/her six-digit LASID ID#. Don’t worry, your child knows what this is! (Example: bps123456)
  2. Use the password: burlington1.
  3. On the homepage, select “enVisionmath2.0 Common Core Grade 5 2016” under “Programs.”
  4. Select the topic number (Example: Topic 1).
  5. Select the lesson number (Example: 1-6).
  6. Once on the lesson page, your child has several options:
    • View the video entitled “Visual Learning” for an introduction to the lesson.
    • Go directly to the Student’s Edition eText which will open in another window to the page on which the lesson begins. From there, your child can complete homework problems and submit to his/her teacher as assigned.
    • View the closing video, “Another Look,” for further instruction and reinforcement.



Vocabulary Workshop

Vocabulary development occurs with regular independent and school-based reading and is reinforced through our vocabulary workbook, Vocabulary Workshop. Online games and activities for each vocabulary unit make learning new words more enjoyable.

To access this resource go to

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your book (blue or orange; your child will know which one)
  2. Your child can select the unit we are working on and any number of games (such as Flash Cards, Hangman, Concentration, Crosswords, and more) to practice the vocabulary for that unit.


Regular in-class writing is supplemented by grammar lessons from the workbook Grammar Workshop. This text’s publisher is the same as Vocabulary Workshop. To access this resource, go to

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your book (blue or orange; your child will know which one)
  2. Your child can select the unit we are working on and practice, or make use of student resources such as “Proofreading Checklist” or “Test-taking Strategies.”  He or she might also play any number of games or take a practice quiz.



The fifth grade teachers have created a web-based study tool through the educational web site, Quizlet offers a variety of ways your child can use flashcards to study vocabulary words and concepts. The flashcards include definitions and photographs that reinforce students’ understanding. In addition to studying the word meanings, the flashcards can be manipulated to play games (“Scatter” and “Space Race” are fun!) and take practice tests. (In the “Study” mode, “Learn” and “Test” are the best options.) Quizlet flashcard sets are created by all fifth grade teachers and are useful for studying or reinforcing understanding of science, social studies, and math concepts.

To access this resource, go to Then, follow these steps:

  1. Once on the site, click on “Sign up with email.”
  2. On the next page, provide a username, email address, and password to sign up for a free quizlet account.
  3. Make sure you enter your own date of birth (not your child’s), because, technically, you have to be 13 years old to use Quizlet.
  4. Once on the next page, ignore the plea to pay a fee, and click on “Or continue to free Quizlet.”
  5. On the left side of the next page, click on “Join or create a class.”
  6. Then, at the top of the page, type into the “Join or create a class” field: BPSMAFOXHILL. This is our group name and is only accessible to those with this password. Always use this class login name when accessing our group.
  7. Finally, click the green “Request to join class” button.
  8. This will bring you to the page of flashcards available to your child.
  9. Once you have joined our “class” or group, you will get an email confirmation which then enables you to activate your account and receive notification when new flashcards are created.

Please note: Quizlet is a useful resource for your child, but YOU should control and supervise its use. Teachers from all grade levels (including high school) post flashcards on this Web site, not all of which make appropriate viewing for fifth graders.



Mrs. Jaffe – Room 14

ph: 781-238-5684




Mrs. Lee – Room 13

ph: 781-238-5688




Mr. Norman – Room 12

ph: 781-238-5661




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