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No doubt you noticed that your child’s “Welcome Back” letter this month did not include a list of school supplies. All supplies are provided in class and are considered communal. Since children move across fifth grade classes throughout the day, they should avoid bulky pencil boxes or other large items. That said, however, each child has an individual crate, or cubby, where personal items can be stored.

We do have a five-minute snack in fifth grade. Please send your child to school each day with a healthy snack that can be consumed quickly and efficiently. Teachers cannot provide snacks for students who forget them. I discourage you from sending snacks that need to be “constructed” or made at your child’s desk as there is simply not enough time available for that. Please note that students may not consume peanut-based snacks in the classroom. Also, I hope you will avoid candy and sodas as it is hard to get students to focus on their school work when they are fueled by sugar.

Lastly, you are likely accustomed to your child writing his or her homework in the spiral-bound student planner. I highly encourage you to both check and sign the planner each night. In addition, I recommend that you look at your child’s homework to ensure that it is complete and of high quality. By reinforcing this accountability at home, you can best support my similar efforts in school. Together, we can help your child succeed this year!

2 Responses to “Other Announcements”

  1. Max says:

    do we need to bring in a draft for the cultural identity quilt for you to check before we complete the final copy?

  2. jamiejaffe says:

    Yes, Max, you do. You don’t get the cardboard square until I see the draft. Remember that the draft can be VERY simple.
    Mrs. Jaffe

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