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Thank you for providing dry erase markers for your child!

One unique quality about this year’s thoroughly unique room 14 students is that they prefer to do their math computation on the old-fashioned, tried and true, mini-white boards instead of their iPad drawing app. This has meant that I got completely cleaned out of all the white board markers I bought for the year. I appreciate your willingness to indulge your  children’s preference.

While we’re on the subject of parental indulgences, thank you to Mrs. Leavitt for supplying us with high-quality disinfectant wipes and hand cleaner. We certainly have appreciated it during the cold season.

2 Responses to “Other Announcements”

  1. Max says:

    do we need to bring in a draft for the cultural identity quilt for you to check before we complete the final copy?

  2. jamiejaffe says:

    Yes, Max, you do. You don’t get the cardboard square until I see the draft. Remember that the draft can be VERY simple.
    Mrs. Jaffe

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