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We completed our space science unit. Our focus was on understanding Earth’s place in the universe and its relationship to its moon and the Sun. We used a number of digital tools to help us throughout this unit including an iPad app called StarChart. This helped us understand Earth’s movement in space and how that movement made different stars and constellations visible to us. We also used and made many models to show us how certain movements work, such as day and night and the seasons. For example, we made sun dials to show how the Earth’s movement is related to sunrise and sunset. We documented all of our observations and wonderings in a digital journal.

 Fifth graders in Mrs. Lee’s class find interesting ways to classify animals.

Now we have our feet firmly planted on the ground, and we are learning about the life sciences. We have begun with a unit on vertebrates, one branch of the animal kingdom. We started with a fun activity about classification, and we sorted and classified … aliens! We have also welcomed a new visiting animal to our classroom – Clyde the Gecko! Mrs. Lee’s class will be responsible for its care.

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