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We are so fortunate in Burlington to have access to countless resources — animals, books, kits, hands-on materials — from the Burlington Science Center. This makes science a big hit with students and one of my favorite subjects to teach. The topics we explore in fifth grade are animal and plant characteristics, matter and its interactions, and space science. Most science units incorporate a design and engineering project that requires students to apply what they are learning to a new or unexpected challenge. These projects are completed in school with a partner or in a small group.

In addition to projects, science tests are sometimes given at the end of a unit of study. Notification of tests is provided a week in advance.  This notice explains exactly what the test will cover and what needs to be studied to be properly prepared. Sometimes I teach students a familiar “jingle” to help them remember key pieces of information for each test. (This is always a crowd-pleaser.)

Fifth grade marks the first year that students take an MCAS test in science. We have wonderful test review materials from the Science Center to help prepare students for the test.

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